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Hearing Aid Replacement Batteries

Hearing Aid Replacement Batteries

Hearing aids can drastically improve your life in ways you never thought of, but without the proper up-keep of your device, the benefits offered by our hearing aids can be greatly diminished. Digital hearing aids run on special hearing aid batteries. It is important to keep these hearing aid batteries in supply so that you can quickly replace the dead battery or weak battery upon completion of its expected life. It is also important to keep your hearing aids clean for them to function at the best level possible. Routine visits let us help you to help keep your hearing aids work their best, so you hear your best!

Fresh hearing aid batteries allow for the power of your hearing aid to be maximized and for the benefits these great devices offer to be maximized as well. Hearing is part of one’s healthy living, and it should not be compromised due to a low battery or due to not having hearing aid batteries on hand. One would not let their contact lenses run out and choose to walk around in a situation that is difficult to see in, so one should also not let their hearing aid batteries run out to walk around in a situation that makes hearing difficult either.

Batteries for Digital Hearing Aids

Acute Hearing offers a wide selection of hearing aid batteries to go along with the digital hearing aids that we offer to you. Upon purchasing your initial hearing aid, they come complete with the appropriate hearing aid battery to ensure optimized hearing benefits upon leaving the office. We can also refer you to which hearing aid batteries would fit your hearing aid so that you can have a supply of them in hand in the event that the battery juice runs low and you require instant replacement to maintain a healthy standard of hearing. We can also check the hearing aid battery level at follow-up appointments to ensure that everything is working correctly and that your hearing health is improved.

We recommend that hearing aid users leave the hearing aid battery door open at night and remove the battery to extend its life. We also recommend against using Duracell batteries for hearing aids.

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