hearing aids

Hearing aid fitting

An important step in optimal hearing aid performance

Hearing aid fitting

An important step in optimal hearing aid performance

If you think you may have a hearing loss, we encourage you to take our free online hearing test game. If you fail the test, it’s important that you schedule a professional in-office appointment. Anyone over age 50 that hasn’t had their hearing tested in the past year should schedule an appointment as well, as recommended by the AMA. This testing also gives you a “baseline” to measure where you’re hearing now, so you can have something to reference with future testing.

A hearing aid is oftentimes required to restore previous levels of hearing health and ensure your continued ability to hear the world around you. Selecting a hearing aid may seem a little intimidating, but with our knowledgeable hearing instrument specialists and our focus on your comfort and concerns, our simple process makes it work for you.

One of the most important steps in ensuring your comfort upon wearing a hearing aid is to have you undergo a hearing aid fitting. A correct fit is not only where we want a device that rests comfortably in your ear, but one that works naturally with the unique shape and contours of your inner ear to ensure optimal hearing.

Hearing Aid Standards and Fitting

The standards were originally developed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the HOC Committee on hearing aid Selection and Fitting. Technology has drastically improved over the years, giving us new ways to measure optimized hearing. From a combination of both behavioral measures and your feedback and technological measures such as “Real Ear”, we are able to offer hearing aid fittings that are effective in varied acoustical environments.

A hearing aid fitting is a delicate process. We care about every one of our patients and will work with you to offer the highest quality fitting we can provide. Through our metrics and listening and understanding your valuable feedback, we can offer optimal hearing solutions to clients with different backgrounds and different hearing needs.

Be sure to take our free online hearing test game to get started on improving your hearing loss today. Give us a call and we can have you on your way to improved hearing and to having hearing aid solutions that not only work but fit comfortably in your ear and work to the most optimal level.

Real-Ear Fitting

Real Ear measurement-or REM, is used in fitting hearing aids because it measures the patient’s ear canal shape and size to adjust the hearing instruments to perform at the best level that is unique to that person.

The shape of your ear is unique, like a fingerprint- your ear canal is shaped differently than anyone else’s. So why would you think that just any hearing aid would work for you? The ear function is so complex that it is important to make sure that your hearing at the most optimum level possible.

Without using Real-Ear measurement, your hearing aids could be under or over amplified. It’s important, whether you just purchased hearing aids or have worn them for some time, to come into our office and have your hearing instrument sound levels measured because having healthy hearing means having the right prescription.